The Company

Graffos is a company cataloged as R + D + i, born from the first moment with a vocation for internationalization.

The research carried out in the world of competitive sports has allowed us to develop a package of our own algorithms, supported in a mobile App, whose objective is to increase the athletic performance of competition athletes, training their minds.

A purely Canarian company, from the island of La Palma, bases its innovative technology, disruptive and pioneering worldwide, in a single device, telemetry, neuroplasticity and fine graphomotricity, there is no solution equal to Graffos in the world.

We are pioneers in this line of development of neuromotor stimulation, the use of information provided by the system, allows the coach to modify or rectify their technical, physical and tactical training plan, obtaining parallel benefits, such as improving teaching performance.

Graffos aims to become the Fourth Pillar in the training of the athlete of the future, integrated into the daily routine of physical, technical and tactical work.

The Graffos system requires, on the part of the user, discipline and rigor and on the part of the coach or sports coach, a continuous monitoring to achieve its effectiveness and enhance its effects.

The Project

Given the media impact that the Graffos has had, and after applying a pilot project in the Arenas Sur School of Gran Canaria, where the current methodology of Graffos was used in its version 3 with very positive results, the support and involvement of said school, to offer the families of that center the Graffos service, as an educational resource, setting higher objectives for the next school year 2018 - 2019.

This opens a new market segment in education, which, having the analysis engines developed, the implementation would be very simple, just by changing the user interface, terminology and mental skills associated with school performance, we would have a product viable minimum to be offered before September 2018.

Graffos would be in an unbeatable position to, in a short period of time, offer the whole group of Primary, Secondary Schools, Institutes, Universities and Public Organizations (Ministry of Education, Autonomous Governments), a specific product aimed at the entire collective of students, family and teachers, with a high potential for scalability and internationalization.